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Friday, March 27, 2015

Apple Must Hire F***ING IDIOT Engineers!!!

Yes, this is a rant if you can't tell from the title.  I have a Macbook Pro Retina 15" Early 2013 model.  For the most part, I have been happy with it. I grade my experience a solid B.  The display is no doubt A+ - absolutely gorgeous.  I love processing my photos in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop on it.  The immature support of OS X for anything not made by Apple is an ongoing pain.  Specifically Apple's inability to cleanly support the ability DisplayLink's developers to provide docking stations.  I would almost understand this if Apple had their own docking stations, but they don't and I have jump through mini-hoops to use mine.  And, I had to have the trackpad replaced not too long after I had it because of quality control problems in the manufacture of the trackpad.

But enough of the dry details.  Two days ago, one of the rubber feet on the MBP broke off.  So now it rocks as I type.  No problem right, I'll just make an appointment at the Genius Bar and they can replace it.  The helpful young lady took one look and said yes, she can do it and said it would be about $10 dollars since I was no longer under warranty.  She disappeared to the back and returned looking kind of sheepish.  She told me that she was wrong, she could not replace just the foot on a MBP Retina.  They had to replace the whole bottom panel.  When I asked how much, she quietly said ONE HUNDRED FIFTY ONE Dollars!!  I started laughing and said "Damn Apple again, they really don't care about customer support!"  She apologized.  I told her not to.  The problem is not her fault. She did her job.

The problem is that some F***ING IDIOT engineer did not do their job!  As a fellow engineer, I feel like I should defend my F***OW engineer.  So, it is obvious, Apple Engineering received orders from the F***ING MORONS in Apple MARKETING.  DO NOT make the rubber feet replaceable. Yes, Yes, that must be the reason!

Guess I will be looking at products from some other manufacturer to replace this one!!!


PS:  I came back to add this.  When I went to Apples web site to complain, the closest option that I had to submit my complaint was to submit it as a bug.  The comment box, is restricted to some relatively small number of characters. I was only able to provide about a third of what I wanted.  Hopefully, Some F***ing Jack*** at Apple will stumble across this while looking for the foot that fell of the MBP Retina!!!

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